Sunday, March 25, 2012

Changes in all the wrong places!

The first time I was pregnant, I was so concerned about the changes my body was going to undergo. I tried to eat healthy (that lasted about two months!), exercise regularly (does walking twice a week count?), and slather my stretch mark cream on constantly. I didn't really even start showing until about 4 or 5 months in, which was disappointing at the time. After all, it was my first pregnancy and I couldn't wait to show and start wearing those maternity clothes. (By the end of the pregnancy, I thought I was going to throw up if I had to look at one more pair of maternity jeans!!!). 

By the end of the pregnancy, I found myself gazing longingly at the size 4 and 6 clothes hanging in my closet and wondering if I would ever wear them again. I had been warned that after you have a baby, your body will never be the same. However, between nursing and never having time to eat, I was able to get back into those clothes. But my body wasn't left unchanged.

 For the 13 months I continued to nurse, my boobs were huge! I was so excited. That is, until I was done nursing. Afterward, it looked like someone had taken an ice cream scoop and scooped out the top half of each breast. TMI maybe, but if you've breastfed, you know what I'm talking about!!

Let's not even go into my "muffin top". Before baby, I was one of those annoying people who always had a flat stomach. My problem areas were my hips and butt. Whatever I ate stuck to those hips, I swear. After baby, I sported a small pooch for about 2 years! The only way I (TEMPORARILY) got rid of it was to workout three or four times a week, start running, and eat healthy foods. What mama has time to keep up with that??? 

Now that I am pregnant with baby #2, I am SHOCKED to see how quickly my body is already changing. By week 7 I could already see the baby pooch returning. Around that same time, my boobs practically doubled in size. They are so tender this time that I wake up every morning feeling like I've been punched in the chest. To make matters worse, my butt and hips are spreading this time too! That never happened with the first pregnancy. I was such a cute little pregnant lady who looked like I was sporting a basketball under my shirt. 

Tomorrow I will officially be 10 weeks pregnant. I look about as pregnant as I did at 4 months with my first baby! To my dismay, hubby and I noticed my belly button has already changed. Hubby describes it as "half in, half out." Also, because my breasts are growing so rapidly, the stretch marks are already visible! I haven't even had time to purchase stretch mark cream yet. This is insane. 

One major difference this pregnancy though is that I'm not really concerned about my body never being the same again. I figure that it worked out the first time, I'm sure it will the second time around. And if not, I'll survive. I'll carry a pooch and sport stretch marks all day long if it means I get to be a mother.  

To end tonight's blog, I will share yet another funny hubby story. You see, hubs is thrilled that it now looks like I got breast implants. (That didn't really happen with baby #1 until after the pregnancy) The only problem is that my breasts are so tender, I cannot allow him to touch them. Even walking up and down the stairs hurts at this point. He told me it "wasn't fair" that my boobs are so huge yet he can't touch them. I reminded him that PLENTY of men pay good money to go to strip clubs and look at huge boobs but not touch them. So for now, he has to pretend we're at a strip club whenever he's home. 

Hmm...a strip club where the women's belly sticks out almost as far as her boobs? Is that sexy? Guess you'll have to ask the hubby! ;) 

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