Friday, December 16, 2011

Mommy guilt

     As I sit drinking my coffee, watching the Today show, and blogging this morning, I can't help but feel guilty. Shouldn't I be cleaning, folding laundry, baking....etc??? How dare I take time to slow down and drink an entire cup of coffee while it's actually hot! Obviously I don't really feel this way...well maybe a little. 

      Now, I am a Jewish woman, so I am no stranger to guilt. However, becoming a mother took my guilt complex to a whole new level! Am I doing enough with my son? Am I doing enough FOR my son? Did I do anything today that will later cause him to sit on some therapist's couch and talk about me? Is my house clean enough? Should we be doing more arts and crafts, baking, memory making? AHHH! My head is spinning just typing this (and my coffee is getting cold too, ugh) Never mind the fact that my hubby was late every night this week and I successfully managed to do all the housework, cook dinner every night, make meals for two friends, help out at (and attend) my son's school Hanukkah party, wrap presents, do holiday shopping, send out all the holiday cards, exercise, grocery shop (with coupons!), the list goes on and on. Baths, naptimes, tantrums, etc! 

      We moms (stay at home moms AND working moms-all moms) do so much for our children and our families. The only person we don't do enough for is ourselves. And if you're anything like me, when you do take time for yourself, you feel a little guilty about it. Do men feel this way too? Or is this a purely female phenomenon? 

    In any case, guilt or no guilt, I'm determined to take some time for myself this morning. Exercising, eating breakfast while it's still hot, maybe even a long shower and if I really want to get crazy, shave my legs!!!! Future me- who will most likely be carrying a kicking and screaming toddler to the car after preschool- will thank me! 

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