Friday, April 20, 2012

Things NOT to say to or about your pregnant wife

I've decided to start a running list of things a husband should not say to his pregnant wife. Maybe this list can serve as a preventative measure and save some husband from getting something thrown at his head. Or better yet, save some woman from wanting to cut off her man's dick. :)   (Note: not all of these were said by my husband. Trust me, he would not still be standing right now, LOL) 

  1. Wow, you've gained how much? Is that normal? 
  2. Your hormones are making you crazy!
  3. You're supposed to brush your teeth with that toothbrush, not your throat! (said by my hubby with a chuckle EVERY single time I gag brushing my teeth in the morning)
  4. Doctor, is there anything you can do to help these crazy hormones? (Said by my hubby to the Obgyn last week when the dr asked if we had any questions for him)
  5. You're really breaking out...
  6. Your boobs are huge! Let me touch them! 
  7. I'm SO tired. (said by my hubby when he gets home from work after I've been taking care of our son all day while exhausted my entire first trimester)
  8. I see your ankles are starting to get bigger...

I'm going to save this list and add to it throughout my pregnancy. Feel free to use the comment section to suggest more quotes for the list! I promise to add them! Remember, it's all in the name of saving male genitalia from being chopped off by crazy, hormonal, pregnant wives ;) 

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