Friday, April 27, 2012

Maternity Clothes...

14 weeks into my pregnancy and I'm pretty much completely into my maternity wardrobe. I swear I must have spent hundreds of dollars on maternity clothes my first pregnancy. Can you blame me? Not only was I so excited to be pregnant for the first time and in maternity clothes, but I also decided I could accomplish being pregnant AND looking cute. Hubby almost had a heart attack everytime I stepped into Motherhood Maternity. He claimed I was single-handedly keeping them in business. He may have been I went into that same store over three years later and the woman actually remembered me. Hmmm, that's not a good sign!

I justified the fact that I was spending so much money in the Motherhood store by telling hubby it was an investment. We've always known we wanted 2 or 3 kids so I told him that the clothes would definitely be reused. Unfortunately, I had our first son in March so most of my clothes are warm winter clothes. This time the baby is due in October so I will be needing tons of summer clothes! WHOOPS! Sorry hubs!

This time I'm being smarter and trying to minimize the amount of money I spend on maternity clothes. It didn't hurt that my mom offered to buy me a few outfits. The nice thing about being pregnant in the summer is that I should be able to get away with wearing a lot of dresses. Also a lot of non-maternity summer tops are long so I can get some use out of them too. As for shorts...I tried the "rubber band" trick and the belly band for a little while but that requires that your ass actually fits into the shorts in the first place.  Again- whoops!!

Bless my heart though because I can't stand not to try to dress in cute clothes, even when pregnant. Thank goodness maternity clothes have come such a long way in the past few years. Gone are the days of the moo-moo and weird giant shirts with bows tried under the neck. You know the shirts I'm talking about, the ones that look like giant clown shirts. 

Maternity clothes are definitely cuter now but possibly way more complicated. This morning, I got stuck in my maternity shirt while trying to get dressed. It's such an adorable top, black and white see thru with a white tank underneath. Somehow, I got completely tangled up in it when trying to dress myself. It made me remember some of my shirts from last pregnancy. I can't tell you how many days hubby had to help me get dressed before work. Not because I was incredibly large or swollen, but because those cute maternity tops can be so damned complicated! Gosh, you'd think they could make shirts less complicated for hormonal pregnant women to wear. Good thing no one was home to see me stuck in my shirt, flailing my arms and cursing at the mirror! 

The other thing I'm laughing about is the fact that I bought about 6-10 pairs of maternity THONGS my first pregnancy. Hey- I was working at the time and wearing tight dress pants. I didn't want my little first graders to glimpse a panty-line through my pants! GASP!

 I can't help but wonder who thought of maternity thong underwear. I also can't help but wonder how many pregnant women actually wear thongs. Like we aren't uncomfortable enough when we're pregnant-let's go ahead and add some thongs into the mix. Needless to say, I balanced the uncomfortable maternity thongs out by wearing old lady shoes to work. After all, I was on my feet all day! 

The truth is, I'm excited to be in maternity clothes now and sporting a small bump. I think it's so exciting! Let's see how much much I'm loving those clothes in 4 to 5 months. For those of you who are wondering, I have retired the J-Lo shoes for now. After all, you can hardly expect a pregnant woman to balance both thongs and ho shoes, can you? 

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