Thursday, January 12, 2012

Is That A Coin Roll In Your Pocket...

Hubby was in such trouble last night, he didn't even get the pillow barricade. Instead, he was banished straight to the couch. 

Now, before I write this blog entry, I must state that I love my husband with all my heart and soul. He is a wonderful husband and father. He is very successful at work and because of his success and hard work ethic, I am able to stay home with our son. Thank you babe!

With that said, I find that somehow the success, time management, and brainpower that goes into his job at the office does not always transfer to his job at home. Which brings me to last night's incident! 

Last night, I had plans to attend a neighborhood girl's night out. Yes, my neighborhood is so awesome that we have our own monthly get together. I'd been looking forward to this for days. Unfortunately, (as usual when I have a girl's night out planned), A decided not to nap. That usually makes for a looooong day for Mama and an easy night for Daddy when he gets home. No fair, right? 

I love going out with girlfriends once or twice a month and I know it's healthy for me, a stay at home mom, to get out of the house and just have fun. Yet, as my 9 faithful readers know, I tend to feel a little guilty about taking time for myself. To make up for the mommy guilt I was feeling, I decided to make it easier on my husband and do as much as I possibly could before he got home. I gave A a bath, fed him dinner, and had a meal in the crock-pot for us. As usual on my planned nights out, hubby was running late. To pass the time while A was eating, I went ahead and laid out his pajamas and bedtime diaper on his dresser. After hubby finally got home and was eating, I instructed him to please put the leftovers from the crock-pot in the Tupperware container that I placed on the counter-top. People, I literally could not have made things any easier for him!!!

Apparently, I made things too easy. When I got home around 11pm, the first thing hubby said was, "Oh crap, I forgot to put A's pjs and diaper on!" A is potty trained during the day, but still wears a diaper at night and usually fills it up. This meant hubby had to wake our son up at 11pm and put a diaper on him. Of course, A was not thrilled about this and began crying inconsolably. He was so hysterical, even my husband couldn't calm him down. Of course, this was a task for mommy. So, there I was, at 11pm, exhausted and 3/4 of the way through a bottle of Riesling, trying to console my son. Needless to say, I was pissed! 

When I finally got A calmed down and went downstairs to relax, I noticed the crock-pot was sitting on the counter with the food still in it. Next to the crock-pot sat the empty Tupperware container! I asked hubby why he didn't put the food away. At this point, I was starting to get ticked. His response: he forgot. Not only that, but he refused to apologize. I can't help but wonder how a man who is so successful at work cannot manage to remember to put a diaper on his son or clean up the leftovers from dinner. 

Somehow our argument escalated and he ended up on the couch. Of course, he apologized this morning and so did I-for all the screaming I did. But that is not the end of the story. I'll bet you're wondering where the coin rolls come in. 

This afternoon, while I was making lunch, I noticed that my recently absent-minded husband had left his wallet on the kitchen counter! Immediately, I knew I had to call him to inform him of this, especially because I knew he was planning to go out after work. His response: "Oh, I know. I'll just pay for everything with rolls of coins today." 

Yes, you read that correctly. Rolls of coins. You see, a few weekends ago, hubby went through all of our loose change and ended up wrapping about $60 worth. He hasn't had time to go to the bank so he's been carrying these coin rolls around in his jacket pocket for weeks! In fact, last night when I was pissed at him and noticed he also hadn't hung up his jacket (on top of everything else he forgot to do), I tried to jerk it off the kitchen chair. It was so heavy, I couldn't even lift it! I have no clue how he managed to walk around for days with these coin rolls in his pocket. 
Coin Roll...

In any case, my husband later informed me that due to the fact that he left his wallet at home he paid his waiter at the restaurant tonight with these coin rolls. Man, I'll bet that waiter was PISSED! I would have paid money (real money, not coins rolls) to see the waiter's face when hubby handed him those coins. Ha! 

Did I mention we also had a babysitter watching A tonight because both my husband and I had plans? Hubby got home first so guess how he had to pay the sitter? Half cash, half coin rolls. I wonder if she'll ever sit for us again? 

Hopefully my husband will make it to the bank tomorrow and cash in what's left of the wrapped coins. I also hope the incidents of the past few days have taught him some valuable lessons! Lesson #1- Always put a diaper on a toddler before bed. Lesson #2- Never forget your wallet. Lesson #3-Always apologize to your wife. (had to throw that one in)

Thankfully, my husband has a good sense of humor. Also, for those of you who read, The Pillow Barricade, you know that he doesn't even read my blog so it doesn't matter anyway. 

Just a warning; if you see a handsome black haired man trying to pay someone with rolls of coins, RUN! It's definitely my hubby- who I now like to refer to as the Coin Roll Bandit.